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“Coaches don’t create Greatness. They uncover it.” Coach Bennet Nike+ Run Club

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There was so much excitement at the 2015 Nike+ Run Club Global Coaches Summit in NYC this past weekend, and Dan was only too pleased to be a part of it.  He was invited to help the talented Nike+ Run Club coaches understand the importance of ‘runners maintenance’. Chris Bennett, the Nike+ Running Global Head Coach and Summit organizer tasked Dan to fuel the coaches with knowledge of five common running injuries by educating them on how to identify the symptoms, what the causes are and how to fix them.  Once the coaches have these vital pieces of information they can adapt the training stimulus to appropriately rehabilitate and prevent further injury or reoccurrence down the line.   

The aim of my presentation was to help highlight common problems in distance runners, how to identify them and how to rehabilitate them. My end goal was to drive home the notion that prevention is better than cure. We had some great breakout sessions where I was able to really help the coaches with exercises, tips and simple tricks. Now they can incorporate them into warming up, cooling down and stand alone strengthening sessions.

— Dan Giordano, Bespoke Treatments